You'll Be Shocked When You See What This Wife Found Out About Her Husband 23 Years After He "Disappeared"

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The convoluted story of Linda Iseler and her family is stranger than fiction. In 1993, Her husband Richard seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. Richard left his family, and his wife Linda and their two young sons were left with hardly anything and no money to help them throughout the years. The police initially held Linda with suspicion, then soon the police moved on to suspect more of the family. Twenty-three years later something happened that would never have been expected, and the mystery was finally solved after all these years. Check out our gallery to find out what happened in this truly unforgettable story.

A Seemingly Normal Life

The story of Linda and Richard Hoagland is quite the strange tale but starts out like any normal family dynamic. The two had a happy marriage and Linda gave birth to their two sons. They settled in Indianapolis, Indiana where everything seemed to be going well for the happy family.But when their sons, Matthew and Douglas, turned nine and six years old, the happy family life turned upside down. Something was wrong in the household, and only one person knew about secret trouble.