Why Some People Are So Unpopular? All The Reasons That Make You Less Likable

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If you thought that some people are likable because of their good looks, talent or just natural social skills, then you’re wrong. We can all control this aspect and make it so that people around us appreciate us and enjoy their time with us. It’s all about having extra emotional intelligence, also known as EQ. A study performed by UCLA also revealed that the top descriptions of likable people were not intelligence or their good looks. Instead, they found out that a likable person is sincere, transparent and can understand other people, all being part of emotional intelligence.

But how can you learn what behaviors are required for people to like you? Here’s where we can help! Let’s check out the reasons that hold people back from liking you.

Bragging Is Frustrating

We’re not talking about people that actually brag about how much money they have or about the luck with the ladies, about their fame. We’re talking about you hiding it under a layer of self-deprecation. For instance, you’re making fun of yourself for being a nerd, when you’re actually bragging about how smart you really are. Nobody likes that, and you’re actually deceiving people that way.