When 18 Teenagers Entered A High School Pregnancy Pact, It Shook Their Quiet Community To The Core

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The Principal Revealed There Was A Pregnancy Pact Between Students

It was a headline that grabbed the nation's attention in early June of 2008: A group of teenage girls, none older than 16, making a pact to get pregnant together. The story quickly gained international attention, with news outlets sending in correspondents from places as distant as Brazil and Japan. It all started when Gloucester High School's Principal at the time, Dr. Joseph Sullivan told reporters from Time magazine that at least eight of the school's 18 soon-to-be pregnant students had formed a pact together. Sullivan claimed that the students were mostly sophomores when the pact was first formed and that a majority were pregnant by their junior year.

However, despite the media's sensationalized reaction, the town of Gloucester, including its mayor and school superintendent, wasn't as quick to believe Sullivan's story, especially because he admitted to being "foggy in his memory" as to how he had learned of the pact. This didn't stop the rumors from building, nor quell the flood of opinions and accusations that ensued in the Massachusetts fishing town of around 30,000 people.