20+ Unbelievable Yachts Owned by Celebrities

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You know you're living the good life when you're cruising the seas in a beautiful super-yacht. Nothing says leisure and luxury more than an enormous, decadent yacht, and these celebs own some of the most insane super-yachts on this planet. From swimming pools to elevators to boats inside of yachts--these photos will absolutely blow your mind, and leave you more than envious!

The ocean—nature’s great untamed expanse – holds many treasures, not the least of which are the many gorgeous yachts that belong to some of the most talked-about celebrities today. This countdown of the five most luxurious celebrity yachts includes vessels belonging to globetrotting media magnates, world-renowned musicians, wealthy record executives and some of the world's most successful businessmen.

Take these as a chance to gather some life inspiration and set some lofty goals--by the end you'll be saying "holy ship!"

Sean "Diddy" Combs: Maraya

Born Sean John Combs, but you might better know him as Puffy Daddy, Diddy, or most famous P. Diddy. The Harlem native is a rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur best known for his album No Way Out, that was certified seven times platinum. He has been very successful throughout his entire music career, winning two Grammy Awards and two MTV music video awards. P. Diddy’s entrepreneurial affiliation is with fashion design. He has his own clothing lines Sean John and Sean by Sean Combs.

The rapper might be worth about $475 million, but his yacht is worth $65 million – dam. It is easy to see how popular music artist, Sean “Diddy” Combs can afford this, but it’s crazy to imagine spending that much money on something you don’t literally live in. This yacht features a projector screen, stage, and a party floor with a built-in bar on the top deck. This luxury 54-foot yacht is so big that it requires 10 staff members on board.