This Adorable Reason Why Dogs Follow You Into The Bathroom And Other Behavior You Didn't Pick Up On

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The bond between dog and owner is certainly one of a kind. Having a loyal pup in the household ensures an incredible amount of love from dog to owner, in a "man's best friend" fashion. Although you may not think so, it's actually fairly easy to understand what your pup is asking of you. Some dogs are incredibly obvious when they want delightful bits of love and kisses, but sometimes dogs can behave in a subtle manner as well. Unfortunately, we can't physically speak to our dogs, but here are some signs your dog makes and their translation.

They Follow You Around Because You're Their Companion

Of course, a dog that follows you around for every step you take isn't completely ideal.....especially in more private places like the bathroom. But, you can't deny that it's completely adorable. If your dog follows you around constantly, you'll either find it incredibly endearing, or you'll be almost tripping him over him all time. There's been a few reasons to explain why this happens.

One reason for this could be a breed trait. For some breeds, especially those that have been bred for centuries to work with people, and are more likely to be what people call "velcro dogs" or those that 'stick' by your side. It could also just be for companionship. Perhaps this is the most obvious reason, that some dogs just prefer the companionship of their human friends. "Over the process of domestication, natural selection has shaped dogs to become companions for humans," says Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology and director of the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University. "Domesticated dogs are now 'bonded' with humans in some of the same ways as human children. In this sense, our bond with dogs is one that has evolved over the course of domestications."

Licking Your Body Or Face Means They Want To Befriend You

While some people love it, others might find it completely gross. It's a sure thing to say that dogs like giving people a couple licks every once in a while. What you probably DON'T know, is that giving licks is actually a form of submissive behavior, and it helps dogs in easing their stress, while also showing you love of course!

This behavior may seem disturbing for many dog owners and usually many (non-dog owners). This behavior is a demonstration of friendliness, a pacifying gesture, a hand reaching for peace. It is a compliment in dog language, basically saying "I like you' you can be my friend."

Dogs Can Sense When Something Is Wrong

Sitting On Your Feet or Between Your Legs

Although this is often mistaken for possessive behavior, it's actually a sign of anxiety or nervousness. In fact, "Dominance" is rarely the problem; your dog is just trying to feel safer by staying close to someone they feel comfortable with. Your dog is also guarding you. It is in your dog's best interest to show you unconditional love and of course, there's just nothing like a dogs affection. Being protective and guarding you wherever you go is just one of the many ways that they show it.

They don't necessarily sit at your feet to guard you out of fear, they do this behavior because it's their way of showing that they want to keep you to themselves. One thing about dogs is that they love their attention, and you better believe that they do all they can to keep it.