This Is Sparta! King Leonidas Facts That History Books Didn't Teach You

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20. Two Minds

There have been many great rulers that led their people to incredible victories and for that, their names will echo through history for the ages to come. Leonidas who was the King of the Spartans is one of them. Leonidas was one of the world’s fiercest warriors and his skill on the battlefield is remembered to this day. In fact, the famous movie “300” directed by Zack Snyder displays the prowess and fierceness of the Spartan King. With that said, today we have gathered the top 20 facts that the history books fail to teach us about King Leonidas.

Leonidas was the King of Sparta but he knew that this “job” is too overwhelming for a single mind and he wasn’t the only one who ruled the people of Sparta. There was a second ruler and his sole purpose was to question every decision made by Leonidas so that the King always remembered to think about the good of his people and not his personal interests.