The Most Epic “I Quit” Stories We Have Ever Heard

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Usually, quitting a job is nothing out of the ordinary. But we’re not here to tell you ordinary stories either! We compiled the funniest stories of people that were fed up with their jobs. You’ll read some pretty awesome rage quits, including things being thrown out, lawsuits, and a lot of drama.

While some people have never stormed out, some had the satisfaction of flipping everyone at the office! Get ready to have a good laugh and root for these poor employees that were so unlucky to work in these places…

Everyone Is Fired

We’ll start with a great story of how everyone was fired but they got a new job by the end of that week. This contract project manager was the best boss ever, and he told us why:

“I had to lay off my entire staff (and myself) with 8 hours notice.

I was the contract project manager on a government project (office type work). At our periodic review on a Thursday, the government announced they would not be renewing our contract and our last day was Friday (the next day).

I brought everyone into the conference room first thing the next day, let everyone know that we were all out of a job and that today was everyone's last day. I had everyone email me their resumes, and we went over everyone's on the conference room projector and updated them over the course of the day. I then printed out "reference" sheets for everyone, and we all spent the remainder of the day writing letters of recommendation for each other. I ordered everyone pizza, and bought everyone a round of drinks at the bar next door. Most folks had jobs by the end of the next week.” - Reddit user shortadamlewis