The many faces of Steven Seagal

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The 65-year-old who was born in Michigan in 1952 had quite the humble childhood. Something about the martial arts fascinated him so much that when he was just a teenager, he already started learning the secret and basic moves of karate. You could say that since a very young age, Steven Seagal had to fight his way up. He ended up moving to Japan with his father, but it was in the U.S that he met his first wife, Miyako Fujitani. The two tied the knot in 1975 and were married for 11 years. Before his divorce was finalized, Seagal couldn’t wait any longer and married his second wife, soap opera star, Adrienne La Russa. That was just the beginning of a long and turbulent love life.

There’s no doubt that Steven Seagal’s most complicated marriage was to former model and actress, Kelly Lebrock. The two married in 1987 and they have three children together. Following a nasty affair, the couple split after nine years of marriage. That wasn’t the actor’s final marriage and he went on to marry two other women later. The actor also has 7 (biological) children from four different relationships that he had, so you can only imagine what Christmas is like for the veteran actor.

Apart from his martial arts and his action-filled films, Seagal is a man of many talents. He plays the guitar, he has released two music albums. In terms of his beliefs, Seagal considers himself a Buddhist and he also believes in reincarnation. He’s also a big teddy bear at heart and works very hard to promote his agendas regarding animal rights. In a nutshell, Steven Seagal has more faces than you can imagine, which makes his life, his romances and the actor’s career, one of the most captivating ones in Hollywood.