The Five Coolest Tech Gadgets In Development

Technology is advancing at a fast pace, and it looks as though the tech objects that seemed only possible in films are becoming a reality. With engineers and designers constantly rolling out new tech gadgets, it is hard to keep track of which ones are actually worth waiting for. We've found five of the most amazing tech prototypes that are soon coming our way.

Jeeva Phone

Picture a phone that absorbs light and radio frequency waves to charge itself. This is exactly what is currently being developed by Jeeva wireless co-founder, Vamsi Talla. The Jeeva phone only costs $1 to manufacture, making it a top gadget for developing nations.

Translation Earpieces

Chinese tech startup, TimeKettle, is taking translation to the next level with their earpiece. This earpiece uses two Bluetooth earpieces connected with an iPhone or Android app to help provide its user with immediate translation. This means that two people wearing earpieces can communicate and understand each other in different languages. These earpieces will offer English, Mandarin, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Hydrogen One Holographic Smart Phone

RED and startup Leia Inc. have announced that they will create a smartphone featuring a holographic screen to play games, watch movies, and display images (in 3D). The phone also will allow 3D sound.


Toybox Labs is an Oakland-based company that is creating a lightweight 3D printer that requires no setup. Toybox will allow kids to use an app to create their favorite toy design, meaning there will be endless possibilities. The toys created will be biodegradable and non-toxic!


Belgian tech company is working on a robotic arm that will allow sign language users access to an interpreter at all times. The creators were inspired by the lack of interpreters at their local university, so they turned to 3D printing to create the arm. They are now working on a double-armed version with a face.