The Best Adjustable Beds

Thinking of making the switch to an adjustable bed? We’ve got you covered.

An adjustable bed is categorized as any bed that can be raised at either the head or foot, therefore creating multiple angles. Modern adjustable beds also have many other features, in addition to the adjustments themselves. Some include massaging surfaces, sleep trackers, or alarms, all of which are aimed at improving your sleep cycle. Adjustable beds are known to help alleviate many different sleep issues like snoring and poor circulation, as well as improve overall quality of sleep. Sleep is such an essential part of a healthy lifestyle—finding the right bed for your needs is crucial. If you’re curious about adjustable beds, here are a few of the top-rated choices. 

Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

What makes it great: Bluetooth connection with memory settings, 850lb weight limit, 25-year warranty.

The Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 makes the top of many lists for a multitude of reasons. As an adjustable bed, it has both adjustable leg and pillow tilts, ensuring that you can create both a higher and lower leg profile, as well as accommodate comfortable positions for those who read or watch television in bed. Adjustable pillow heights are known to help with snoring, and this bed also features up to six memory positions for your personal adjustments. There are several other notable features of the Prodigy 2.0. This frame boasts a full-body massage option, which works to alleviate pain and pressure points through light wave-like motions over the surface of the bed. Another feature lacking in some other adjustable beds is its micro-hook retention system, which stabilizes the bed and prevents the mattress from slipping during adjustments in the base. Lastly, the Prodigy 2.0 features under-the-bed lighting and a silent alarm that wakes sleepers with vibrations rather than noise.

Lucid L300d

What makes it great: Wireless remote with a flashlight zero-gravity preset, affordable.

The Lucid L300d has been making waves among the adjustable beds, with big thanks to its affordable price tag. This bed is accessible without compromising its primary function, and still boasts a wash of high-tech features aimed at improving sleep. Notably, the Lucid L300d has a folding hinge that both reduces shipping costs and simplifies assembly—no tools are required to make this bed a part of your room. The primary adjustment settings of this bed are in its head and foot elevation, which can be done for the whole bed, or done individually so couples can use different settings. One of the bigger highlights of the Lucid L300d is its zero-gravity feature; this setting elevates the legs just slightly higher than the head, which has been known to relieve both pain and pressure, and can also help with high blood pressure. This bed includes dual USB ports, a 750lb weight limit, and a 10-year warranty.

Reverie 5D

What makes it great: wall-snuggler design, Pro Grip technology, silent wave massage feature

The Reverie 5D is another top choice for adjustable beds. It is loaded with high-tech features, all aimed at improving sleep no matter what issues you may be experiencing. Like the Lucid L300d, it features a zero-gravity setting, elevating the legs above the head to help with circulation. The Reverie 5D has some of the more involved settings for massage, including a wave massage function with three different modes and ten different intensity levels. Unlike many other adjustable beds that cannot be placed against a wall without interfering with its mechanisms, the Reverie 5D features a “wall-snuggler” design that allows the bed to be flush with walls, nightstands, or anything else, as well as Pro-Grip technology to keep the mattress in place during any adjustments. This bed has a wireless remote to control adjustment settings, with also accommodates three factory presets—like zero-gravity—and two personally programmable positions. The Reverie 5D has an 850lb weight limit and a 20-year warranty.


If you’ve been experiencing issues related to poor sleep—like bad circulation, pressure points and tension, or even snoring—an adjustable bed may be just the thing you need. Because of their ability to change the angles at which you sleep, adjustable beds not only improve sleep, but also reduce pain and pressure. There are many beds to choose from in the market. Some keep things relatively simple and focus just on the necessary foot and head adjustments, while others are loaded with features like wave massages and zero-gravity preset settings. The three choices listed above are consistently at the top of the ratings, but no matter which adjustable bed you choose, you’re sure to find one with just the settings you need.