Teen Leaves Note On Stranger's Van, and Eight Years Later Receives The Strangest Phone Call

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Can you picture your dream car? When most people are asked that question, they can think of an answer straight away. Did you know that the Toyota Corolla is actually the most popular car in the world? However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's everyone's dream car. Many of people's dream car are often the ones that come with big engines, hefty exhausts, and lots of speed. Or, they could simply be a car that holds a special place in your heart due to pleasant memories. That being said, if there is one car that has taken the world by storm, it's actually the VW camper van.

In 1947, the VW was first thought up, and it was on the road a short three years later. These days, it's become an iconic car all around the world. When people see these cars, they often picture beach adventures or road trips with friends. One young man took his love for the van a step further by leaving a note on a stranger's van. Little did he know that 8 years later he would receive a very odd phone call.

Reaching For The Stars

Often times, no matter where you go, you're bound to see a Volkswagen camper van. They seem to be pretty much perfect for all kinds of adventures from a camping trip, to a day beach trip, or even to a long road trip with friends. These cars have been in production for over six decades, and their popularity only seems to be growing. Many people will do anything to get their hands on one, including pay over $300,000 for their very own.

Kyle Cropsey admits that he had a slight obsession with the VW camper ever since he could remember. He was fond of their unique shape, the sound the engine makes, and the feel you get from driving one. All in all, what's not to love about this vehicle? Kyle would often stop and take every opportunity he could to take a look at camper vans everywhere. Whether it was in a parking lot or just perusing around the beach, he would do anything he could to take a look at the campers, even if it meant pulling a car over on the side of the road. Yet, there was one camper in particular that got Kylie more excited than any other before it. It was absolutely perfect.