Sorry, These 20 Places Are Off-Limits To You

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It’s mostly a free world, and as there have been improvements in transportation and an increase in wanderlust within people, there have been more and more travelers curious about traveling to more secluded areas. However, there are some sites what will remain completely off limits, and most of it is for a good reason. From the vault containing the actual Coca-Cola recipe, to an island that's inhabited completely by snakes. These locations are temporarily closed off to the public while others will remain closed permanently. Even now, although we have transparency and satellite imagery, we've still never seen all the nooks and crannies of some of these places. This means, exploration will have to occur strictly through imagination. The next time you want to visit these fun locations, you might want to check with the government… or at least some local security.

1. Coca-Cola Vault

Coca-Cola was the first of its kind over 120 years ago. The recipe was safeguarded and locked into a vault in Atlanta. Tourists are allowed to tour the facility but they cannot directly access the secret recipe. If you try, you might be killed. Okay, probably not, but you’ll definitely be arrested for trespassing. If you plan on visiting the Atlanta area any time soon, buy a ticket and give it a whirl. They have a stunning 4-D Theater with moving seats, and a 7 foot tall Coca-Cola Polar Bear to give you a friendly hug. Feel free to sample any combination of the 100+ beverages Coca-Cola has to offer you. But don’t count on learning their secret recipe. It is forever under lock and key.

Despite the privacy measures of this vault, it’s nothing like our next facility…

2. Area 51

The famous military facility in the Nevada desert has a rich history of secrecy. Missiles, aircraft, and numerous other weapons have been developed and tested there. In the 1950’s it was primarily used for flight testing of the Lockheed U-2 aircraft.