Six Years After A Cop Rescued This Un-Adoptable Dog, They Made A Disturbing Discovery In The Woods

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When state trooper, Daniel O'Neil was assigned to be with an unadoptable shelter dog as his first K9 partner ever, he poured everything he had into training her so that she would be a great partner. Eventually, after some serious training, she became the perfect police dog. So, when the pair had made a very disturbing discovery in the woods one day, the police dog, Ruby, knew exactly what to do with the situation. The story of Ruby, the police dog who had gone through hell only to come out on top will completely warm your heart.

Ruby's Beginning

During her first year of life, Ruby, an adorable pup had been through the wringer. She wound up in an animal shelter in East Providence, Rhode Island, four different times. After a while, it looked like there was a chance that Ruby wouldn't be able to have her happily ever after.

The trouble with Ruby was that she wasn't exactly considered the perfect pet. She was hostile to children and other animals, so she wasn't exactly a great family dog. Eventually, the people who were caring for her at the shelter had decided that there was no hope for her. The shelter had arranged for her to be euthanized.