Secret Facts You Didn't Know About 'The Andy Griffith Show'

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Beloved 60s sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show was a cult classic spanning eight years and as many seasons. Although on the surface it was a simple, yet lovable sitcom, we’ve found some secrets that even huge fans of the show may have missed!

Andy was a real joker

Andy was certainly the practical joker on set, and did all sorts of hijinks, especially towards his co-star Don, who was much calmer in real life than he was on screen. If Don were napping, Andy would rudely wake him by dropping something loud and heavy on the floor! One time, George “Goober” Lindsey work up from a nap to find duck guts strung up around the dressing room, courtesy of Andy.

Everything is temporary

Most characters, from Don to Barney Fife, were not given solid contracts at the beginning of filming and could easily have appeared in just a few episodes. After seeing the chemistry that Don and Andy had onscreen on just the first day, Sheldon Leonard, the Executive Producer gave Don a one-year contract immediately.