Police Are Stunned By This Colorado Mom's Double Life

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To the people who knew her, Paige Birgfeld seemed to be an amazing person. She was a loving mother, a reliable friend, and a smart businesswoman, beloved by all in her small Colorado town. That’s why the world seemed to stop when one day she suddenly failed to come home. All contact with her was lost. Why would this sweet woman seemingly abandon her family at random? As it turns out, the reason she was hiding was because she was living bizarre double life.

Ideal Mom

Paige Birgfeld lived a seemingly normal, comfortable life in the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. To her neighbors, she was the spitting image of a perfect mother and hard-working woman. She was beloved by all in her beautiful mountain town, tucked away in the Grand Valley. She and her three children lived a peaceful life, although she had recently gone through a divorce from her husband Rob, who had allegedly been violent with her in the past. After she separated from Rob, Paige picked up the pieces and kept everything together.