Man Decides To Check In An Unusual Object After Airport Security Tells Him To Throw It Away

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20. Fastest Way of Travel

There aren’t that many things more annoying than when the airport security makes you throw away some of your precious packages. A man who was boarding a flight from Qantas to Perth had a beer can in his hand and to his surprise, the airport security told him to throw it away. The man had enough of this “abuse” and he decided to do something that is outrageous and hilarious at the same time! The man took his beer can to the baggage line and paid for it to fly alongside him.

Flying by airplane is by far the fastest and the safest way of travel. This is why millions of people fly all over the world on a daily basis and why airplane companies are making huge profits. On the downside of things, getting through the airport security can be quite annoying at times.