28 Unbelievable Super Yachts

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Superyachts are, well super… The one luxury item that represents nothing but the formidable pinnacle of supreme wealth, superyachts are truly magnificent, awe-inspiring beasts, and the individuals who own them are much the same. So sit back and take a look at 5 unbelievable superyachts and their wealthy owners.

Kismet- $200m

If you're a fan of yachts laden in gold, then you'll love Sahid Khan's $200m luxury yacht. The owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars 223-feet yacht may not be refined, but it's certainly sleek. The vessel boasts (among countless other amenities ) a disco bar with an onyx marble bar counter, master bedrooms decorated in exquisite mahogany furnishings, and, perhaps most impressive of all, a cylindrical glass elevator which connects guests to every single level.