Items Every Young Business Traveler Needs To Pack

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You are young and on your A-game at work, following the path to success. If you travel for business, it can get pretty stressful or overwhelming at times. Luckily, there are some go-to essentials that can make a young business traveler’s life a whole lot easier. Here is a list of items to pack that will enable you to focus on work and get the job done:

  1. Portable Hand-Held Steamer

You cannot go into a business meeting or networking event with wrinkled clothes that have resulted from sitting in a carry on. Forget the hotel iron and board—a portable hand-held steamer will change your life. It’s super compact, which is great for saving room in the bag, and literally takes a minute to smooth out your digs. It’ll allow you to look professional and leave a great impression no matter where you are.

  1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

These will become your favorite travel companion. Whether it’s getting some rest on a plane full of screaming babies, or getting in the groove while hammering out a presentation at a loud conference center, affordable and reliable noise-cancelling headphones will allow you to create your own world in the world less traveled when you’re on business.

  1. Battery Charger

The last thing you need when you’re trying to do business while traveling is for your phone or laptop to die on you. When you can’t find an outlet, which tends to happen a lot when you aren’t familiar with a place, a portable battery charger can save you. There are numerous options to choose from, some with different types of outlets for various electronics, others that last for days—pick the charger that best fits your work needs. It’ll be a lifesaver when push comes to shove and the work still needs to get done.

  1. Hotspot

Splotchy internet connection is not an option when it comes to doing business. Bring a hotspot when you travel. It’ll allow you to do work at the airport, during a crowded convention when Wi-Fi is often overused and slow, or in your hotel room where the public network just isn’t safe for proprietary documents to be at risk of hacking. Hotspots come in handy for anyone who has to do work aside from the networking during the business trip.

  1. Makeup Wipes

Businesswomen can all agree with this one. Having makeup wipes will not only save room by allowing you to leave the bulky step-by-step facial wash, eye makeup remover and Q-tips at home, they are also ultra-convenient when you get back to your hotel room after a long day of work and just want to pass out and rest up for the next day.

  1. Nice(er) Clothes

Often times, traveling for business isn’t just strictly business, especially if you’re attending a tradeshow. After-parties ensue, which is why you’ll want to bring something other than the work heels. If there’s a chance of going to a lounge or fancy dinner, pack accordingly (while still keeping it appropriate among colleagues or clients). Having fitting attire for a social setting will let you fit in and relax and have some fun. After all, all work and no play will make you no fun to be around when the goal is to impress.

It’s fun to travel for business when you’re properly prepared. The aforementioned are just a few that should go on the packing checklist. It’s hard to get in your element outside of your regular work environment, but these items will give you the edge you need to stay on top of the ball!