The Insane Net Worths of Your Favorite HGTV Hosts

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To anyone that has ever owned a house (or has wanted to own a house), chances are you have stumbled upon HGTV… and immediately got sucked in by the DIY personalities. After a couple episodes, you suddenly have the confidence to flip your house, redo your garden, or put crown molding in your bathroom. Over the last couple of years, HGTV has become a ratings phenomenon. With such shows as Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, and Property Brothers, the channel draws in millions of viewers every day, each hoping to learn from the reality TV stars and their best home-improvement suggestions. It’s no surprise then that the hosts would be raking in some serious cash through their salaries and other lucrative promotional deals. Want to know HGTV stars’ net worth? You'll be amazing at what these folks are making!

Tarek El Moussa - $4 Million

Perhaps one of the most notable HGTV stars, Tarek is the star of the show ‘Flip or Flop.’ And while the show is popular, Tarek is unfortunately known more recently for his divorce with ex-wife Christina, which was very public and very messy. Tarek had a net worth of $4 million while he was married to Christina, and The Huffington Post also noted that the couple's net worth was $4 million. While his accountant is the only one to know for sure, it would be safe to bet that he is still doing just fine financially after the divorce. Based on what they've made together on the show and his profits from his house flipping business, it's certainly no surprise to see Tarek has made so much over the years—but it wasn't always like that for the couple. In 2008, after the housing market crash, the then-couple had to move out of their lush house and move into a $700-per-month apartment to stay afloat