Her Husband Divorced Her After A Stroke Left Her Paralyzed...Then She Found Her True Love

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Meet Riona Kelly, who was dumped by her husband 5 days after she was paralyzed by a spinal stroke. The mother of 4 was paralyzed from the waist down. She didn’t let both tragedies bring her down. Riona defied the doctor’s predictions that she would never walk again. She was left completely alone in a wheelchair and hated herself.

She started her physic and also looked for a personal trainer. She got introduced to Keith Mason through a friend. They started working out together and slowly Riona got stronger than ever before. She took her first steps and even started jumping! Since gaining the strength, Riona has completed two marathons.

If that’s not enough to uplift you, she found love with the same personal trainer. They live together with their children. Now she only needs her wheelchair for long distance. It’s true that couples who train together stay together. Here's Riona's heartbreaking yet uplifting story!