Horrible Bosses In Real Life: People Share The Worst Insults From Their Bosses

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Better Not Talk, Maybe?

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a job including that bad boss at some point that insulted you and you co-workers. Maybe they put down your opinions, or they were straightforward, blurting out things they shouldn’t have. We know it was very unprofessional of them acting like that in front of you or the entire staff. And we also know that there are people out there that have the strangest stories about their disrespectful and downright crazy bosses.

Reddit user BayAreaDreamer, created a thread named ‘What is the most insulting thing a boss has ever said to you?’ and it was flooded with the most insane stories we’ve heard so far. Let’s check them out straight from the source!

Remember those times when someone says something so appalling that you can’t even think of a good comeback? It’s what happened to two employees when their male GM approached them and revealed too much information: 

“My female coworker and I were prepping before the lunch shift at a restaurant. Male GM walks over and says, "You know, I had a dream about you two last night," pauses, reconsidering something, "No, I probably shouldn't tell you about it," smiles to himself, and walks away. We were so appalled and disgusted we just stood there, too stunned to say anything.” - Reddit user happyhourfappyhour