Most Forbidden Places in the World

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Thanks to technology, the world is virtually accessible to everyone. If you have the money, you can take a plane and get to most destinations in the world under 24 hours.

That’s why it’s fascinating to think about how even the wealthiest couldn’t (or shouldn’t) go to certain locations. You have to be in-the-know, a head of state, a priest, or a native member of a tribe that hasn’t had contact with the modern world (don’t worry, you’ll see in the list).

From top secret government locations to sacred spaces to radioactive cities lost to time, these are the most travel-restricted places in the world:


It would be pretty cool to explore these caves which are home to paintings that are an amazing 17,300 years old. The cave system was discovered in 1940 by a teenaged boy. 8 years later, the caves were opened up to the public but in just 7 short years, the emissions and exposure to the elements caused the Paleolithic paintings serious damage.

The caves were closed to the public in 1963 but unfortunately, the degradation process has continued. Lichen, mold, and fungus have beset the cave walls and affect the pigment of many of the paintings. So much so that only one person is allowed to go into the caves for twenty minutes, once a week. And as of present day, a preservationist or scientist can only enter a few days out of the month in effort to monitor the growing problems.

Lascaux II has been built so visitors can see replicas of the paintings from the Hall of the Bulls and the Painted Gallery without harming the original paintings which are under constant threat of evisceration from environmental contaminants.