What Ever Happened To The Women Of Two And A Half Men?

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Throughout the 12 years of production, there were hundreds of female characters. Charlie, Alan and Walden each had numerous girlfriends, but Charlie’s list was definitely the longest. Of course, Charlie wasn't exactly the most faithful or caring boyfriend. So what happened to them all? Well, look no further because we have it all right here.

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Mia

Mia, a dance teacher, wasn’t interested in Charlie until he said that his nephew Jake enjoyed dancing. Mia agrees to date him as long as he quits smoking, drinking, and eating meat, but Charlie does it anyway in secret. She found out and left him. Later, she came back and asked Charlie for his sperm so that she could have a baby, Charlie proposes to her instead and the couple go with Alan and Kandi to Vegas to get hitched. Right before they say ‘I do’ Mia asks Charlie when Alan is moving out, he said he isn’t and Mia leaves him.