Dee Dee Blancharde Kept Her Daughter Sick For 24 Years And The Reason Why Is Insane

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Dee Dee Blancharde Growing Up

Dee Dee Blanchard's relationship with her family was heavily strained. Her own father hardly showed her any affection as a good father should. Another relative remembered young Dee Dee as being a “really weird girl” and said she may have been bipolar or had multiple personality disorder. Even worse, several relatives allege that Dee Dee killed her own mother by slowly starving her to death, and even attempted to kill her stepmother with rat poison. As an adult, she had worked for a time as a nurse’s aide and was well-versed in medical subjects. Though she was known for her big smile and penchant for wearing a big silver cross necklace, it turns out that this woman had a sick fascination with watching the suffering of her own family, be it her mother or even her own daughter.