Cosplayers Talk About The Nightmarish Moments At Conventions, Showing Why Cosplay Conventions Get A Bad Rep

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Cosplaying is awesome if done right and, with a lot of work and experience comes a great reward: being recognized and congratulated by those around you, winning contests and even opening new doors for future careers in modelling, for instance, or for playing in movies! But while all of these are the great parts of conventions, here’s why cosplay conventions get a bad reputation.

It’s what no cosplayer wants to experience: creepy people following them, being too familiar or close to them or just being terrible human beings. Cosplayers gathered on Reddit and told their horrifying experiences along the years, and wow, some people are just too much!

20. Nerding About the Characters

Reddit User fwng explained how he once went with his former girlfriend at a convention and she accepted to take photos with people that were fans of Portal, as she cosplayed as Chell. The poor girl was so annoyed by one particular guy who maybe thought he’d draw her attention:

"This one guy […] decided to grill her on how much she really knew about Portal. He was looking at her like he'd just found a unicorn, but she was pissed as hell that some stranger thought she needed to prove herself to him. I think he thought he was flirting."