Cops Found This Girl 12 Years After Her Abduction – But She Had Some Painful News For Her Dad

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Picture it, a beautiful spring evening in Austin, Texas, and Greg Allen is waving goodbye to his beloved four-year-old daughter. However, when she doesn't come back after a routine trip to visit her mother, it becomes clear that there was a terrible truth behind it all. His daughter and her mother have fled the country and gone to Mexico, and so began Greg's dedicated 12-year journey to try to bring his beautiful daughter home. When she does come back to the United States, it seems as though their reunion isn't exactly what Greg had been hoping for.

Sabrina Allen

Sabrina Allen was born on May 30th, 1997, in Austin, Texas. Her father, Greg, was a scientist that was conducting engineering research at the city's university. He had first met Dara Llorens, Sabrina's mother, through a dating agency. As soon as the pair met, they fell in love and got married shortly after.

When Sabrina was three years old, Greg and Dara's relationship took a turn for the worst. It was so bad that they decided to get divorced, and a court ruled that Greg was in the best position to provide their daughter with a stable upbringing. Dara, was not exactly thrilled with this arrangement, and as it would turn out, Child Protection Services would begin asking questions about Sabrina's home life.