Cheapest Michelin Restaurants You Can Eat At And Not Go Broke

Surprisingly, most people on a budget mistakenly believe that they are barred from dining at Michelin-starred establishments. You can still enjoy highly regarded cuisine even if you don't have the money to dine at the most expensive restaurant in the world. Restaurants of all pricing ranges have received Michelin stars.


Prices in these places are still not quite at the level of a McDonald's meal deal. Michelin-starred restaurants are notorious for charging exorbitant prices, with bills running into the hundreds or thousands of dollars per person, therefore the restaurants listed below are merely affordable in comparison to the high prestige of their competitors.

Hostellerie la Montagne, France - $30

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The one Michelin-starred Hostellerie la Montagne is in the same neighborhood as former French President Charles de Gaulle's grave. That is why the dining room is called 'A la table du General,' or 'at the General's table.' As part of a special Christmas meal, chef Jean-Baptiste Natali will serve beef lobster breaded with almond and pine nuts, candied celery, and coquilles Saint-Jacques truffles.

Tail Up Goat, Washington DC, USA - $44


Jill Tyler, one of the restaurateurs of Tail Up Goat, grew up in the US Virgin Islands. Jill founded this neighborhood restaurant with her business partners, Jon Sybert and Bill Jensen, with the goal of encouraging relaxation, gatherings, and wonderful food. Small meals, medium plates, and desserts start at £35 ($44). The crispy salt fish with smoked cauliflower aioli sounds quite appealing.

Three Coins, Taipei, Taiwan - $35

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Three Coins is the place to go if you're in the Far East and want to sample top-notch Cantonese food with a hint of Taiwanese cuisine. This is a wonderful entry-level Michelin Starred restaurant experience for the money-conscious connoisseur, with an overtly Chinese décor and inventive dishes like seafood baked in papaya and steamed abalone with dried tomatoes. To visit this restaurant, you should, however, make a reservation well in advance.

Picchi, São Paulo, Brazil - $35

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The one Michelin Star restaurant Picchi serves delectable Italian food at affordable costs while being tucked away in the urban jungle of Brazil's greatest metropolis. Chef Picchi reinvents childhood favorites in a nostalgic manner by fusing Brazilian and Italian ingredients for a distinctive dining experience in a modern setting. 

nahm, Bangkok, Thailand - $41


Within the COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, nahm offers a modern take on Thai cuisine while adhering to its distinctive flavor characteristics of sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and savory. The restaurant offers a carefully prepared set menu, but ordering from the a la carte is more cost-effective. Select a soup course, such as tom yum or tamarind and ginger broth with black grouper fish, and the cheapest main, which is a massaman curry for vegetarians. You may end the meal with a coconut or pandan dessert for just 1,400 Thai baht (£32/$41).

The Coach, Marlow, United Kingdom - $15

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The Coach is a small British cafe with one Michelin Star that is located halfway between Oxford and London. With the headers "Meat," "No Meat," and "Sweets," the menu is quite easy to read. Along with more contemporary meals, gourmet versions of well-known British dishes like Shepherd's Pie and fried fish are available.

Aaharn, Hong Kong – $43

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Aaharn, run by Australian chef David Thompson, imports fresh ingredients from Thailand to serve genuine Thai food in Hong Kong. While a set menu is offered, choose the a la carte options with the lowest rates to save some money. Before sampling either the grilled prawn satay or pumpkin curry, both of which come with jasmine rice, start with the roast duck and shiitake soup.

EIPIC, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK - $35


Restaurants with a posh atmosphere can sometimes seem out of reach for diners on a tight budget. EIPIC, on the other hand, welcomes everyone, from large groups to lone diners, whether they're here for the expensive tasting menu or just for lunch. On Thursday through Saturday at noon, £28 ($35) will cover two courses, while £33 ($42) will cover three. Recent menu items include roasted red mullet as well as aged shorthorn beef with oyster.

Vintage 1997, Turin, Italy - $32

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Vintage 1997 provides a classy first impression with its bold crimson walls and cream silk drapes. The name of the restaurant was inspired by the year it first opened and a wish to pay homage to Turin's culinary heritage while demonstrating how classic dishes can still be honored and made appealing to contemporary diners. For €30 (£25/$32), they offer three distinct lunch set dishes with either a meat, fish, or veggie theme. There are three dishes on each menu: an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert.

PUTIEN, Kitchener Road, Singapore - $14

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Although PUTIEN has amassed a chain of eateries around Asia, the sole location with a Michelin star is the Kitchener Road flagship. The idea was inspired by the fresh seafood and other products found on China's southeast coast and specializes in Fujian cuisine. A two-course lunch of bien rou soup (broth with dumplings) and their famous noodles with pork, prawns, clams, and veggies cost 18.60 Singaporean dollars (£11/$14). Occasionally, there are good-value package meals available.