Right Before Their Wedding Ceremony, Bride Passes Out After Groom's Secret Was Revealed

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Caleb and Maggie were madly in love and they were more than ready to finally tie the knot. However, after weeks and months of planning, nothing could have prepared them for what the bride found out at the altar that left her to loose consciousness. After everything they had been through, they truly hadn't expected this. Think about it, what could be the worst thing that could happen on your wedding day? Is it an unruly guest, or the possibility that the band might not show up? Well, if your groom had whispered a secret to you while at the alter, would you have passed out like Maggie did?

It was pure chance that the videographer took the video of the exact moment she passed out. However, when the video went viral, Maggie and Caleb were puzzled.

The story leading up to her fateful wedding day is pretty amazing. You see Caleb and Maggie had been friends for a very long time. They were both from Asheville, North Carolina, and they had been friends in high school. They had similar friends, meaning that they were around each other pretty often. Since they had grown up in the same circle of friends, they got to experience every bit of high school together. From high school pep rallies, homecoming, finals and even prom.

Of course, Maggie had thought about the possibility of dating Caleb since they had so much in common and were such good friends... but it just never seemed like something that would ever happen! They were constantly asked by everyone why they did not date in high school.

Even though the pair might not have seen it at the time, many people thought that there was some potential for these two to finally get together. However, it wasn't until after high school had ended that the pair took notice. They had crossed paths after high school and decided to give it a try since they had so much history together and had been such great friends. But when it finally came to the wedding day Maggie found out a secret about Caleb that she couldn't ignore....