Best Cities for Remote Workers in 2021

Best Cities for Remote Workers in 2021

If the events of 2020 taught us anything, it's that working from home can be implemented in a variety of offices. Many experts believe that the work environment has changed forever and that 2021 will see millions opting for this way of life. Prior to the pandemic, more than 4 million Americans already worked remotely and the trend will likely only continue. Working remotely doesn't mean sitting at home on your couch -- the whole world is waiting for you. There are multiple destinations that are ideal for remote work, so why not make a workcation. You'll enjoy a change of scenery, experience a new culture, and find a whole new place to explore. Here are some of the best cities and countries to work remotely.

1. Barbados

Tucked in the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados is steeped in a rich culture. When you’re not working by the sandy beaches with crystal clear blue water, the island nation has so much character and charm to discover. While cricket and rugby are some of the most popular sports, basketball has been on the rise in popularity if you want something more familiar to Americans. The music is unique and diverse. This is the birthplace of Rihanna, after all. There’s so much more to this island than just beaches and sand. Also because of its location in the Caribbean, Barbados rarely gets hit with major hurricanes. The average is one every 26 years. Weather wise, it’s safer than other locations in the Caribbean.

2. Wellington, New Zealand

While it’s a hotspot for international film productions such as The Lord of the Rings, Wellington has many wireless hotspots as well! In fact, it has more cafes per capita than New York City, and the city is known for its delicious coffee. The landscape is as diverse as the locals, with beaches and mountains just a short car ride away, just make your choice for which scenery you'd like to see. Not only is it one of the cheapest cities to live in in the world, but it also has one of the highest qualities of life.

3. Atlanta, Georgia

If you need to travel for your remote work, Atlanta has one of the busiest airports in the world and supports most major airlines. It’s also one of the cheapest major cities in the United States.

The location offers plenty of flexibility as you're only a few hours from a beach or a mountain. However, Atlanta itself is incredibly diverse and has one of the fastest-growing Korean populations in the country. Buford Highway spans about fifteen miles of amazing East Asian food. Atlanta is also known for hosting festivals and conventions, Dragon Con being one of the biggest. Sports, theatre, and festivals thrive here. And its bustling LGBTQIA+ community is warm and welcoming.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam

If Paris is out of your budget, Hanoi, Vietnam is a great replacement. It’s ridiculously cheap to live in and offers French-inspired architecture. Vietnam is also in the middle of a technological renaissance, becoming one of the fastest-growing IT countries in the world. If you’re looking to meet others from around the world and swap business information, the organized beer crawls have become a must-do activity in the city. Quaint and beautiful, Hanoi is a small paradise that will satisfy your work needs, while the delicious street food is second to none.

5. Porto, Portugal

The home of Port Wine and the Francesinha sandwich, Porto is welcoming to tourists and remote workers from all over the world. The city is easy to get around with walking paths, trains, buses, and bridges connecting the entire city. The average travel time on a weekday is only about 45 minutes. Porto is also a big soccer town with FC Porto being one of the Big Three soccer teams in Portugal. Porto is also one of the fast-growing technology hubs in all of Europe showing signs of a thriving work community in the coming years.

6. Tallinn, Estonia

If you ever wanted to work in a town that looks like a fairytale, then Tallinn is the place for you. Known as the startup capital of Eastern Europe, Tallinn is quickly becoming one of the trendiest cities in the world. In recent years, it’s opened many art fixtures, breweries, and bakeries with a history in marzipan that dates back to the Middle Ages. For weekend breaks, major cities like Berlin and Helsinki are only a train ride away. Also, Estonia has one of the best internet connections in the entire world with free public WiFi in most of the country.