Awkward Prom Photos That Will Make You Happy You’re Not Still in High School

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The ironic part of me writing this article is that I didn’t actually go to my senior prom. Not that I didn’t want to. I even had a boyfriend at the time. But since I didn’t really like him all that much I didn’t care to ask him. The fact that he was a few years older and lived a few hours away made that decision all the easier. We broke up soon after. Ah, young love. Yet sometimes, even 20 years later, I question that decision. In the movie Pretty in Pink, Annie Potts summed up the feelings I sometimes find myself having in regards to missing such a monumental event: “My girlfriend always has that feeling that something's missing. She checks her pockets, checks her purse, counts her kids, but nothing's gone. She decided it was side effects from not going to her prom.” However, that’s neither here nor there. There’s a reason I have a shrink. But I can assure you, had I attended my prom, I definitely would have stayed away from wearing anything camouflage or amphibious. I would have rocked #21, though. Don’t judge.