This Pregnant Mom Was Baffled When She Saw Her Newborn Baby – The Doctors Were Too...

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Immediately after she had given birth, Catherine Howarth felt extremely tired and groggy due to the labor medication the hospital had given her and of course the exhaustion that goes along with delivering a baby. As a result, she thought that her eyes were deceiving her when she first saw her newborn baby. Her son looked extremely different than she expected. Howarth and her husband, Richard, had just recently gotten married and said their "I do's" when they found out another member would be added to their family. The couple, who lived in Milton Keynes, England, were now expecting a son.


Howarth, who was a successful financial analyst, had just endured a very exhausting labor at a hospital in her hometown back in 2014. On top of that, she said that she was "so drowsy on the narcotics" she was given to make sure their labor is as pain-free as possible. But, it was Richard who was first able to see their newborn son, who they decided to name Jonah. He recalls that "They placed on Catherine's stomach and that was when I saw him first and then they gave him to Catherine."