After Student Reporters Looked Into Her Story, This School’s Principal Was Forced To Resign

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When Dr. Amy Robertson was hired to be the new principal of Pittsburg High School, a young journalist from the student newspaper felt inclined to write an article about her. However, staff members who were overlooking the publication realized that something was incredibly odd with the new head of the school. What's more, they found out there was a dark truth lurking in the staff members closet that would ultimately lead to Robertson's resignation.

Pittsburg High

Dr. Amy Robertson

On March 6, 2017, the Pittsburg Community Schools Board of Education chose Dr. Amy Robertson as the school's new principal after a series of interviews with multiple staff members, pupils and administrators. During a 2017 interview with 'The Kansas City Star', board superintendent Destry Brown revealed that Robertson had 'emerged as the best fit' for the school during the hiring process.