50 Breaking Bad Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

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Better Call Saul, is a spin-off of Vince Gilligan’s master work Breaking Bad. What started as a joke, is now a reality and TV is better for it. Like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul is helmed by Vince Gilligan and set in Albuquerque, NM. The show opens six-years prior to HS chemistry teacher, Walter White, breaking bad.

Better Call Saul is not surprisingly getting good reviews. Almost screw-up proof given the show’s award-winning pedigree, fans hope Saul gives them a reason to visit his practice weekly for seasons to come.

Better Call Saul begins Sunday Feb 8 & Monday, Feb 9 at 10/9c on AMC in a special two-night premiere event. Can’t wait that long for your Vince Gilligan fix? Chew on these amazing factoids while you wait.