45 Findings In Archaeology That Show A Strange Past

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Archaeology is a way to study the human past—our past. Archaeologists have been discovering ancient sites that give humanity a more detailed sense of where we came from, what our ancestors were like, and what they’ve left behind for us to find.

The Greek historian Herodotus was one of the first archaeologists in history, and is commonly referred to as the ‘Father of History’. A lot of time has passed since the fifth century BC and Herodotus has inspired many archaeologists to branch out and search for the lost artifacts of our pasts.

Some of the things discovered on this list are quite shocking, especially for the time period in which they were created. A few of them are still just as mysterious as they were when first discovered, while others have been identified, studied, and put on display for everyone to enjoy.

This list of strange sites will take you all around the world and might give you more questions than answers, which is what makes the study of ancient archaeology so fascinating. Don’t be surprised if you find things you only thought existed in science fiction movies…

Source: activly.com