4-Year-Old Boy Goes Missing for Two Years, Then Someone Tipped-off The Police Officers

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20. Ricky Chekevdia

Unfortunately, it’s common to hear about children going missing, but thanks to investigators and the police, many cases are solved. However, a four-year-old boy has been missing for two years and the Police were at a loss. Nonetheless, they got a tip about the kid’s whereabouts. That’s when, in September, police officers went to check on a house where they thought that the kid was being held. There was no sign of the boy was inside the house, but then they enter a room and finally solve the case.

Let’s see Ricky’s strange disappearance and who was behind it.

The young boy’s name is Ricky (Richard) Chekevdia, and a few years ago he went missing. At that time, his mother Shannon Wilfong and father Michael Chekevdia were separated and agreed to share custody of the boy. In 1982 Michael joined the Army and was deployed to Iraq shortly after his son was born.