25 Things That Producers Of 'Seinfeld' Hid From Viewers

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Famously referred to as "a show about nothing", in reality, Seinfeld is about so much more.

Capturing the awkwardness of day-to-day life, the intricacies of dating and the ways in which other people are often just the worst, it remains a well-observed sitcom. Okay so the technology and those damn outfits might have aged rather disgracefully but the situations are still as easily recognizable as they always were. Here are 25 things you may have not known about 'Seinfeld'.

The audiences response to the pilot episode was not to good

Sample feedback: "You can't get too excited about two guys going to the laundromat", "Jerry's loser friend George is not a forceful character" and "Why are they interrupting the stand-up for these stupid stories?"

Elaine was not originally in the pilot

A waitress called Claire did. She was originally supposed to be a regular cast member but she made the mistake of telling Larry David that she had “a few ideas” about the show...