20 Awesome Movies That Got Snubbed At The Academy Awards

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Skyfall - Best Picture

Source: Collider

We'll start this off with a bang. In 2012 the Best Picture was "Argo," which was a delightful (and safe) movie for the Academy to choose, but it's not about to go down in the history of film anytime soon. I'll come right out and say it. "Skyfall" is the best Bond movie of all time, and it deserved the Oscar for Best Picture in 2012. It may be a stretch to say that because action movies aren't really the Academy's cup of tea, but no previous Bond film was as weighty or searched the soul of bond quite like "Skyfall" did. It was the Academy's first chance to award Hollywood's longest-standing franchise for its contributions to film history, and they missed it and gave it to a good, albeit safe, choice.

Listen, we know "Skyfall" wasn't aesthetically better than "Argo," but James Bond means a hell of a lot to Hollywood and film in general, and it deserves to be recognized before 007 is no more. What better time than a year full of mediocre movies?