18 Things You Didn't Know About Prince Harry's Fiance, Meghan Markle

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A year ago, the Royal Family did something quite unusual. Prince Harry released a statement both confirming his relationship with american actress Meghan Markle and asking the press to please respect their privacy. Meghan Markle, has made quite a name for herself as an actress on the hit show Suits, but is potentially better known for her role as Prince Harry's girlfriend of 10 months. Markle was previously very open with her fans and followers, but since she started dating the Prince has attempted to stay out of the spotlight and even shut down her blog. Harry and Meghan are rumoured to be moving into Kensington Palace together.

Before last November, Markle was a well-known actress, but now she is a household name and princess-to-be. Yet, she is still surrounded by mystery. Who is this 36-year-old that has stolen Harry’s heart?

Here are seven things you might not know about Meghan Markle:

1.Meghan is Not Her Birth Name

Like her character on Suits, Meghan’s real name is Rachel - so her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle. Like a lot of actresses and stars, Meghan chose a different name to act as her stage name instead of her real one. Other stars who have adopted different names include Emma Stone (born Emily Stone), Katy Perry (real name Katherine Hudson) and Brad Pitt (who, like Meghan, adopted his middle name and is actually named William Bradley Pitt).