18 Things That Happen In All-Female Prisons

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15. Pregnant Women Are In Prison Too – And They Fight

One of the most disturbing things about all-female prisons is the fact that there are many pregnant women behind bars. And as anyone can tell you, pregnant women can be just as angry and unpredictable as other women. In fact, they can often be more emotional due to all the hormones. And as one inmate remembers, they get into fights just like other female inmates.

This ex-inmate tells a story about her first day in prison, where she was put in a cell with an elderly lady and a pregnant woman. She woke up to witness a stunning scene: “The first day I was there I got assigned a bunk next to an old woman and a pregnant girl. I decided to knock out after being in the holding cell for a long time. I woke up to these two crazy b*****s fighting. One of them grabs a cup of boiling water and pours it on the other.”