You’ll Call Us Liars, But We Promise These Bizarre WTF Pics Aren’t Photoshopped

It's the internet. Weird stuff you can't unsee happens every day.

But there are some pics out there that just defy logic and reason. And though a lot of these kinds of pics are Photoshopped, sometimes the most bizarre, unbelievable double-take photos are actually real.

From a dog-headed man to a disgusting new take on the banana split, the only rational response to the following pics is "WTF." Come for the pics, stay for the puns!

Man's Best Friend

Just another average snuggle sesh of a dog and his... human? At first glance, it looks like this is a dog-headed man! On further inspection, it's just a man and his dog. Look at the love on that pupper's face! You can tell he's snuggling with his best friend.

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Do You Even Lift, Bro?

I don't think even a frat guy could lift these many beers! I wonder how many Oktoberfests this woman must have worked to learn this skill? These aren't pints, these are full liters, which makes them even heavier. I'd say this beer server has earned a great tip!

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The Fabled Banana-Dog

What kind of banana split would this banana-dog make? I think if you used mashed potatoes instead of ice cream and ketchup instead of chocolate sauce, it might be a pretty good combination! As long as this hot dog doesn't taste like bananas, we might be on to something.

A lot of people go all "deer in headlights" when someone puts a microphone in their face, though the next slide takes that quite literally.

Disgruntled Deer, News At 11

"I was sitting here in the middle of the road, minding my own business, and BAM! A car comes speeding out of nowhere and hits me!" We can only imagine what this deer had to say when he finally got the microphone. I'm sure it made for some exciting television.

If you're ever in an emergency, it's safe to say the next slide shows something you never want to see!

Call The Fire Departm.... Oh.

Have you ever seen a fire truck on fire? Who would you even call for that? Hopefully this fire department has another truck, because this one is toast-- burnt toast at that. Why wouldn't they make fire trucks out fire-proof material? Seems like we should get on that.

Our next entry is going to make you laugh at first, but then feel kind of terrible for it.

Open Wide

The sheer look of surprise on this little guppy's mouth is easy to see. I'd imagine it would be quite a shock to go from a nice, cozy home underwater to flying through the air. Let's hope this little guy managed to wriggle free before he ended up as lunch!

I don't even know how the next image is even physically possible.

He's A Brick... House

I guess if you REALLY want a mobile home, this is a step in the right direction? This pedal pusher is more than ready for the Big Bad Wolf. If he can't out-bike him, when Wolfie shows up to huff and puff and blow his bike down, he's in for a surprise!

Ever accidentally walk in on someone using the bathroom? Awkward, right? Not as awkward as the next pic.


There's nothing worse than having someone walk in on you when you're trying to use the bathroom. The look of irritation on this cat's face says it all. Can't a guy get some privacy around here? This is why I don't use the litter box!

The next pic might have you second-guessing your almond milk craze...

How Now Brown Cow

Holy cow, so THAT'S where almond milk comes from! Something tells me this isn't dairy-free, as that's one nutty cow. It is udderly amazing how these two cartons match up together. If I saw that I wouldn't keep moo-ving, it would be a mis-steak.

When aliens find the next pic thousands of years from now, they're not going to be able to make any sense of it.

I See Dead Pixels...

I don't think you'd be able to code your way out of this one. Was this a particularly devoted computer enthusiast, or did his boss expect him to take his work with him when he left? Either way, I don't think you're going to get very much productivity out of this computer.

This next pic just made me cringe!

If Tyrion Lannister Was A Bullfighter

Someone should tell this bull the Lannisters always pay their debts. Jon Snow may know nothing, but he knows better than to wave a red flag in front of an angry bull! This guy should invest in a good set of pants since, as we all know, Winter Is Coming.

I can't believe the person on the next slide thought that would work ...

This Window Is In Pane

Something tells me this "fix" isn't going to last through storm season. Little Billy must have broken the window playing ball in the house (again), and tried to fix it using a band-aid. All little kids know that band aids fix everything, so why not fix the window with one?

This next one is just so perfectly timed, I'm glad someone got the picture!

Open Wide!

I'm not sure if this was a convenient spot, or if this is the dog's opinion on this piece of art. Maybe he thought he looked thirsty? Or maybe this open mouth looked like a fire hydrant to him? Either way, in this instance, the dog is NOT man's best friend!

Chess is hard enough without the next pic making it look practically impossible.

Would You Like To Play A Game?

I'm not sure if this is chess or if we've wandered into Wonderland. Maybe it's chess on steroids? I guess this is the chess board you graduate to when you've become a regular old boring chess grandmaster. I wonder if the same strategies would still apply!

Perfectly-timed pics always go viral, but the next one might be the best we've seen!

Comin In Hot!

I'm sure this sports photographer wanted to get a close-up, but not THIS close! I would love to see the before, during, and after photos from this crash. And look at the videographer, he knows where the action is! Looks like they both got the whole thing on film.

Safe to say if you ever saw the next pic in real life, you'd have some serious questions...

An Egg-sellent Delivery

This is a pretty egg-streme delivery. I hope she doesn't spill her bike-- that would be quite a scramble. I think I'd crack up under the pressure. I'm too much of a chicken to whisk breaking this many eggs! I wonder if this is considered an egg-spress delivery?

How does something like the next pic even happen?!

Uh Oh

I don't think this was in the original design. You know how it's bad luck to walk under a ladder? This has got to be some kind of bad luck too, if only for the poor workman who made this mistake. You use the ladder one time to stabilize a wobbly board and this happens!

I smell a Disney-Pixar flick in the making from the next pic.

Ride 'Em Cowb... Monkey?

I'd love some backstory on this one. Whose pig is that? Does the pig belong to the monkey? Or does the monkey belong to the pig? And more importantly, does the monkey have a tiny hat, saddle, and boots for his riding pig? So many questions, so few answers.

No internet article is complete without a shameless Nazi reference, so click to the next slide to see something truly bizarre.

Führer Toast

Excuse me, waiter? There is a tyrant on my toast! I wanted plain white toast, not white power toast, and a pot of tea, not a despot. I hope eating all that evil doesn't cause indigestion. I wonder if service at this restaurant would be facist... I mean, fast.

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High Tech Hanger

The key to a good closet is organization. I know you might get a little board with cleaning, but you can't escape it. Good control over the space is what's important. Such a capital idea to utilize old tech this way! It's a way of shifting things around.

We all know Apple makes the best tech (suck it, Android!), but it's hard to imagine the next pic ever being real ...


I know some consider iPhones to be a money-eater, but this is ridiculous! Is this a throwback to bend-gate? If you can't use your iPhone as a phone, why not as a money clip? In this case, the money clip is more expensive than the money it's holding!

Do you love your dog? Not as much as the next guy ...

Squad Goals

Just a guy wearing a shirt with his best friend on it, holding his best friend wearing a shirt with him on it. If this isn't squad goals, I don't know what is. I've tried all my life to be as cool as this guy with his dog.