Here’s What 30 Celebrities Look Like With And Without Eyebrows

It's probably because we're so used to seeing everyone with eyebrows, whether their big and bold or thin and light, that seeing someone you're used to seeing with eyebrows without them can be seriously shocking. You might not get why everyone's been making such a big deal about brows lately, but when you see your fave celebs with and without their eyebrows, you'll definitely understand.

Amber Rose

Shawn Mendes

Lady Gaga


Miley Cyrus

Lana Del Rey

Justin Bieber

Katy Perry

Christina Hendricks

Cara Delevingne

Bruno Mars

Kylie Jenner

Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik

Kelly Osbourne

Ariana Grande

Aziz Ansari

Emma Watson

Kevin Hart

Jimmy Fallon

Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner

Leonard Dicaprio

Selena Gomez


Sacha Baron Cohen


Mila Kunis


Barack Obama

The Rock

Donald Trump

Emilia Clarke