The Most Bizarre Things Anchors Have Ever Done On Live TV


Delivering the news live on air comes with challenges, and all of our featured broadcasts have something in common; they failed to rise to the challenge of delivering appropriate material to the public. Sometimes it's the fault of the anchors, sometimes it's just one of those things that gets away from you. But these 40 moments have one thing in common - they show the weirdest things that have ever happened on air!

Bare Faced Cheek


Source: Variety

Megyn Kelly accidentally accused her ex-husband of cheating on her during a story about a senator cheating. It wasn't true and her ex wasn't happy about it.



Source: YouTube

Glenn Beck often borders the boundaries of good taste, but pouring pretend gas over someone and then trying to set them on fire to illustrate what he felt about President Obama set a new low.

A Vicious Slur


Source: YouTube

Only Fox News could decide that Mr. Rogers was to blame for an entire generation's attitude for telling people they were special. They went on to decry him as an evil man, too. They went too far.

Fight, Fight


Source: The Blaze

Presenters on Hannity are normally boisterous and argumentative, but Bill Cunningham and Tamara Holder stepped over the line with a pointing competition which ended in them shouting "shut up" at each other.

Tourettes on Air


Source: Trend Chaser

Matt the weatherman on Channel 2 Fox was quite a normal presenter until the day he just started screaming obscenities instead. Unsurprisingly, he lost his job over the incident.

She Won


Source: Trend Chaser

Mark says to Belinda (about an Olympic Urn), “Belinda, I just don’t understand how something so small can be so impressive.”

Belinda says, “Well, Mark you would know about that.” Game point, Belinda.

Horny Devil


Source: Trend Chaser

This live clip was supposed to be about wild hogs roaming loose on the streets of Venice. It ended up being about a gate-crashing unicorn who kept shouting "boogity boogity boo" throughout the reporter's piece.

Highly Amusing


Source: Office Tan

This BBC reporter was unable to complete a broadcast after standing down wind of a customs team burning illegal drugs. He got incredibly high and collapsed giggling to himself. Nice work if you can get it.

Scene Jacked


Source: YouTube

Madison Brooks was broadcasting live when a guy dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow walked up to her and smelled her hair. She didn't look like she was enjoying it.

That's What's Bugging Me


Source: Trend Chaser

This poor Channel 4 reporter was doing a brilliant live broadcast until a bug flew straight into his mouth. He clearly wasn't very happy about it.

A Finger To The Unfortunate


Source: Jezebel

Andrea Tartaros, a journalist, bragged live on air that food stamps would be a fabulous dress to wear and says that waiting in line for welfare would help her stay thin. Yuck.

It's Lucky, Honest


Source: Trend Chaser

This unlucky reporter had a bird, well... poo in his mouth during a live broadcast. As you can imagine, the rest of the segment didn't go well at all.

Losing The Plot


Source: Trend Chaser

Channel 4 covered a fashion week in 2007. One of the models fell over on the catwalk and the male presenters thought it was so funny they couldn't stop laughing.

You Have the Wrong Mouse!


Source: Mirror

Actually, they had the wrong hamster when Channel 3 news named it as a suspect in the kidnap of a child. The reporter felt the need to explain that Rodney Stranger wasn't actually a hamster. You don't say?

Getting Pervy Live On Air


Source: YouTube

Glenn Beck discussing topless photos live on air then pauses and looks at the guest and says; “Deena, I’ve got some time and a camera. Why don’t you stop by.” Her face was not at all impressed.

Weather Or Water Closet?


Source: YouTube

"Hi, I'm Ben Tanner. I'm a regular guy, are you as regular as I am?" left the studio team in fits of laughter and Ben running on and off camera to try and contain his own laughter.

Freudian Slip


Source: Trend Chaser

"Were you spanked?"


"As a child?"


Cue hysterical laughter from your colleague and a minor collapse when you realize what you just told the world.

Sacked On Air


Source: NYDN

Lee Valsvick got the sack live on TV from a cameraman with a football. She did take it in good spirits though and laughed it off rather than punching him. Which would have been fair.

Bug-Eyed Disaster


Source: Mediaite

Inappropriate is a mild word for a person who laughs at the tale of a triple homicide. But the bug eyes in the killer's photo left a Michigan reporter in stitches on air anyway.

High-ding Nothing


Source: High Times

Charlo Greene was an anchorwoman in Alaska until she confessed to running a cannabis club illegally live on air. She's not stressed about it - unsurprisingly.

Quit Bugging Me


Source: Mirror

Katya Leick lost the plot live on TV from an Army base when she was suddenly surrounded by flying bugs. We completely understand, that's unlucky.

You Only Had One Job...


Source: NYDN

Back in 2000, CNN decided that people wanted to sleep and called the Presidential race for Al Gore. Except, of course, they were wrong and George W. Bush won the election.

Something Wrong Indeed


Source: Medium

KTVU aired a broadcast about a downed Asiana Airlines flight and included this slide full of racist names. Apparently it was a prank gone wrong.

Locker Room Fail


Source: Nate Pyle

One news station in Dallas decided to treat the public to more than they had bargained for in a behind-the-scenes chat in a locker room - with a full accidental peep show in the showers reflected on the locker room doors.

Showing Too Much


Source: Mirror

These classy English ladies gave the cricket viewing public a treat when they flashed their boobs during a serious drinking session at the game. The TV cameras had no idea it would happen.



Source: Miss Open

Christine Chubbuck a news anchor based in Sarasota shot herself on a live broadcast after saying, “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living color, you are going to see another first: attempted suicide.”

Witch Hunt


Source: Biography

The most controversial live news event of 2012 was Casey Anthony being cleared of murdering her child. Most of America thought she was guilty and went crazy about it.

He's Not Even Black


Source: Gawker

One foolish newscaster decided to use the "n-word" on a live broadcaster to refer to Hulk Hogan. He's out of a job now, unsurprisingly.

Loss For Words


Source: Esquire

Poppy Harlow, a CNN anchor, lost the ability to speak live on air. Apparently, it was due to a pregnancy related issue and she was fine a few minutes later.

Not That Ball


Source: Zimbio

During the Super Bowl back in 2009 over in Tuscon, Arizona, viewers were surprised by a porno clip which was broadcast for 10 seconds of the game by mistake.



Source: NYDN

There may have been no more shocking live broadcast in history than the Columbine School massacre. The scenes of children fleeing the buildings were very distressing.

Upsetting Stuff


Source: Buzzfeed

No happiness here. Jordan F. Romero killed himself live on TV when the production crew slipped whilst broadcasting a live TV show. The network apologized but the damage was done.

**** You, I Won't Sing What I Wrote


Source: Heavy Rock

Matt Bellamy decided to replace all the words in one of his songs with the F-word instead. The Muse gig was broadcast live to the world.

Tackle Problem


Source: Blogspot

Fox 31's news team were live on air when they broadcast someone's genitals to the whole world from a Twitter feed. The studio reaction was brilliant.

That Escalated Quickly


Source: The Star

A.J. Clemente was hired. Then he said some pretty bad swear words live on air by accident. Then he was fired from North Dakota! All in one day.

We Hear You John


Source: Zimbio

John Brown of Good Day Orlando walked offset during a live broadcast because he was sick to death of talking about the Kardashians. We salute his courage.

Seriously Bugging Me


Source: Magic 925

Brad Wills completely lost it when a giant bug flew in his face during an outdoor live broadcast. That's not what a weather reporter signs up for.

Maximum Oddness


Source: Wired

Max Headroom was a TV sensation, but in 1987 a guy dressed as Max Headroom captured a TV station's news feed twice in one day. Both times he screamed profane abuse before disappearing.

That's A Little Warm


Source: YouTube

Cory McCloskey's weather report on Fox 10 couldn't work out well due to a technical hitch which suggested large amounts of the country were hotter than Hades.

Steamy Windows


Source: Pedestrian TV

It's always a bad idea to watch porn at work, it's an even worse idea when there's a news crew doing a live broadcast in front of you. This Australian banker quickly found himself surplus to the bank's requirements.