How to Make a Proper Traditional Toast

Today I learned that I have no idea what constitutes a time-honored, traditional toast.  Here I’ve been raising my glass and clinking here-there-everywhere, and apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong.

WorldLifestyle was paid a lovely visit by Bodvar Hafström, owner of the Swedish Boutique Wine Company Bodvar of Sweden.  Hafstrom’s family has been purveyors of top shelf liquors since 1846, starting with Grönstedts Cognac. 

Hafstrom arrived at our offices bearing a bottle of No. 5 Rosè, which we were all too happy to accept.  Being a bit starved for tradition and that sophisticated European way of living that we Americans just can’t seem to grasp, the WL team listened intently as Hafström talked about his family’s business, their history and tradition, and what it means to truly enjoy a glass of wine.

After Hafstrom left, we decided to sample our gift (you know, for research purposes).  Damn it, what a taste.  We all agreed that it was light, subtly fruity, a little floral, but not cloying, nor overly sweet.  If this was Rosé, we were sold.

During our chat, Hafström showed us a video on how to make a traditional toast.  FYI, most of us are doing it all wrong.

Watch the video, and let us know if you’re toast-savvy, or getting an education like the rest of us.


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[Image via Getty]