11 Things Every Person Should Experience at Least Once in a Lifetime

It’s easy to forget amidst the coffee breaks, the voicemail, and the traffic jams that we are currently doing this pretty amazing thing called living. I was recently reminded of this by a Quora thread where someone posed this question:

What is something every person should experience at least once in a lifetime?

Thought provoking to the say the least. But what was really delightful were 11 of the answers people provided. Here are their suggestions and justifications for each:

1. Living alone in a very different place than your childhood hometown 1-Man-Couch-Cereal-Apartment-Lifetime.jpg

“When you live with yourself, you become more self-reliant and self-aware. Also, you realize what is important in your life. I don”t mean that just in the grand philosophical sense – but in the everyday sense, as well: What do you like to eat for each meal? How do you like to organize your space?”

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