Christmas Movie Child Stars: Where are they now?


It’s nearly that time of year again! Christmas is only a few weeks away, which means we don’t need an excuse to watch those classic festive films!

Most of the nation’s favourites are years old and featured numerous child stars, but what are they up to now!?

Macaulay Culkin


Culkin played 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in the first two Home Alone movies. They’re both cult classics that are still adored today, but what has he been up to since playing the adorable burglar stopping kid?

Most recently we have seen Culkin in Compare the Market television adverts alongside those cuddly meerkats.

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Taylor Momsen As Cindy Lou Who In How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


You’ll all remember Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. She was just 7 years old and was nominated for three awards.

In 2007, she decided to swap the big screen for the small screen and got her big break plating Jenny in Gossip Girl. Momsen is also well known for playing guitar and singing lead vocals in the band The Pretty Reckless.

David Krumhotlz


David was just 16 when he played Bernard the elf in The Santa Clause. He also starred in the sequel. He’s since moved on from the Christmas work, with a regular role on CBS hit show Numb3rs. He has also appeared in films like Superbad and This Is The End.

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Jake Lloyd As Anakin In Star Wars (1983)


Jake Lloyd (Jingle All The Way) — played Anakin in the first Star Wars, now lives in Indianapolis, retired in 2001. Jake, obviously, became far more famous in the years following his role as Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in this Christmas comedy at the age of seven. He went on to play Anakin Skywalker in “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” in 2001 before quitting the acting business due to bullying. He was arrested for reckless driving, driving without a license and resisting arrest in June 2015.

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Juliette Lewis As Audrey Griswold In Christmas Vacation (1989)


The Griswold kids are one of film’s greatest mysteries. A different pair of actors played Rusty and Audrey over the course of four films in the National Lampoon Griswold saga. But Juliette Lewis with her amazing late 80s pink hairband is undoubtedly the best. Lewis has had a long and busy career, in everything from Natural Born Killers to but this December co-stars in one of her most high-profile projects in years, August: Osage County, opposite Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. Not bad for a Griswold.

Johnny Galecki As Rusty Griswold In Christmas Vacation (1989)

Just as Juliette Lewis is without a doubt the Most Famous Audrey Griswold, Johnny Galecki came out of nowhere a few years ago to claim the title of Most Famous Rusty Griswold from Anthony Michael Hall. Before the explosive success of The Big Bang Theory, Galecki would have been remembered most fondly for his time on Roseanne, but now he’s reached the level of TV character success where he can forever be recognized by first name only. He’s no longer Rusty, he’s inescapably Leonard.

Daniel Tay


Daniel is best known for his role as Buddy’s younger brother Michael in the Christmas film Elf.

After his appearance alongside Will Ferrell, he began voice acting, firstly as Doogal in The Magic Roundabout dog’s solo film. He then voiced one half of the Blues Brothers in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Eric Lloyd


Eric Lloyd is best known for his role as Charlie Calvin, son of Tim Allen (Santa), in “The Santa Clause.” He was only 8 at the time of the first film. As a child star, Lloyd also starred in “Dunston Checks In” and “Batman & Robin” as a young Bruce Wayne. In 2002, Lloyd returned to play Charlie in “The Santa Clause 2,” and again in 2006 for the final installment of the Christmas trilogy. Recently, Lloyd has had some small acting roles but hasn’t been active since 2012.

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Mara Wilson As Susan Walker In Miracle On 34th Street (1994)


Best known for her role in Matilda, Wilson also played daughter Susan Walker in the 1994 remake of the Christmas classic “Miracle on 34th Street.” Since 2000, however, Wilson has not appeared in a film and instead has pursued a career in writing. She now lives in New York and has just published a book of personal essays.

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Joseph Cross

Joseph Cross began his career as a child actor when he starred in the Christmas movie “Jack Frost” as son Charlie at the age of 12. Since then, Cross has appeared in numerous movies and television shows and is still acting now. He headlined the film “Running with Scissors” in 2006 and more recently co-starred in “Milk” and “Lincoln.”

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster As Sam In Love Actually (2003)


English actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster began his career starring as stepson to Liam Neeson’s character in the Christmas movie “Love Actually” in 2003. Currently, Brodie-Sangster still acts and plays Newt in the film “The Maze Runner” and Jojen Reed in HBO’s series “Game of Thrones.”

Nicholas Hoult As Marcus Brewer In About A Boy (2002)

It's tempting to give the “Most Improved” award to A Christmas Story's Peter Billingsley, but get a load of Hoult. Marcus grew up well. 2013 was supposed to be the year Hoult ascended to mega-stardom, but both Warm Bodies and Jack The Giant Slayer didn’t perform as well as hoped. Hoult will be back in blue next year in X-Men: Days Of Future Past opposite his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence. Oh yeah, he dated Jennifer Lawrence. That means he wins this whole list, doesn’t it?

Brett Kelly As The Kid In Bad Santa (2003)


A decade later and this kid looks pretty much exactly how you’d expect. Only, you know, somewhat taller. Kelly has worked fairly steadily since Bad Santa, mostly in direct-to-video projects. He’s currently pursuing a business degree at The University Of British Columbia but has expressed interest in the Bad Santa sequel Billy Bob Thornton keeps threatening to make.

Peter Billingsley As Ralphie In A Christmas Story (1983)


A Christmas Story isn’t the last beloved holiday movie Billingsley appeared in. He had a cute cameo as one of Santa’s elves in 2003’s Elf. Ralphie’s looking pretty good these days, is he not? A frequent collaborator with Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, Billingsley has appeared alongside them in a number of films and even snagged Executive Producer credit on 2008’s Iron Man. Most importantly, however, those baby blues are working heavily in his favor. Good thing he didn’t shoot ‘em out.

Corey Feldman As Peter Fountaine In Gremlins (1984)


We all know about Feldman’s checkered history over the past few decades leading up to his current role as frontman of a music group called “Corey Feldman’s Truth Movement.” He’s a far cry from the neighbor kid in Gremlins. Feldman was once so cuddly and sweet and has now become something much more wildly unpredictable. Did someone feed him after midnight, do you think?

Kieran Culkin As Fuller McCallister In Home Alone (1990)

This brief appearance opposite his brother Macaulay was the middle Culkin brother’s film debut. Kieran went on to claim the title of “Most Employed” Culkin in the late 90s before handing that crown to the youngest Culkin, Rory. Kieran still works selectively both on stage and on the screen and recently stole the show from Michael Cera and a stable of evils exes as Wallace Wells in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs The World.

Michael C. Marrona As Jeff McCallister In Home Alone (1990)


Most children of the 90s identify Michael Marrona as Big Pete from the cult TV show, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Both Petes were reunited in 2010 and 2011 for a number of reunion specials. But, interestingly, Marrona does most of his work behind the camera these days as an electrician for TV shows like Sex & The City and Elementary. Not to mention, of course, the time he put into growing that glorious ginger beard.

Devin Ratray As Buzz McCallister In Home Alone (1990)

The McCallisters named one of their kids “Fuller” and another one “Buzz?” They weren’t exactly winning Parents Of The Year before they left their kid behind. Twice. Good old Buzz had an amazing 2013 appearing in both one of the most well-received films of the year (Nebraska) and one of the most poorly received films (R.I.P.D.). Woof, right?

Olivia Olson As Joanna In Love Actually (2003)


Olson’s role in Love Actually was pretty slim but her performance of the best Christmas pop song of our generation was an absolute showstopper. It’s no surprise that Olson’s pursued a career in music. She released an album “Beauty Is Chaos” this year and does voice work for a number of animated shows including Phineas And Ferb with her Love Actually castmate Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He violated airport security protocol for her!

David Krumholtz As Bernard In The Santa Clause (1994)


David was 16 when he played Bernard, the arch-elf in Tim Allen’s mega-successful "The Santa Clause," also appearing in its sequel. Krumholtz has become a versatile actor in both drama and comedy, with a regular role on the CBS hit "Numb3rs," as well as parts in comedy films like "Superbad," "Walk Hard" and "This Is The End." His most recent work was the IFC series, "Gigi Does It," which Krumholtz performed in full drag.

Ian Petrella As Randy In A Christmas Story (1983)


Ian Petrella started his acting career at 3 receiving a contract after his very first audition. Petrella is best known for his role as Raphie's younger brother Randy in the Christmas classic "A Christmas Story" at the age of 9. Since his big break, Petrella appeared in a few commercials and television shows but soon gave up acting to pursue a career in comedy and puppetry.