Get To Know Pure Bar Creator, Veronica Bosgraaf


Hello Worldlifestyle Community!

My name is Veronica Bosgraaf and I am the founder of Pure, an organic snack company that makes simple, delicious bars and fruit snacks. I am also a wife, mom of 3 amazing kids and a Midwestern foodie. 

I love to cook but don’t have a lot of time and really empathize with parents that put so much pressure on themselves to feed their family right and live ecofriendly.  My Grandmother always said, “Take baby steps toward your goals.”

Cooking healthy can be intimidating, and living ecofriendly can be confusing! My blog is about simple ways to make great healthy meals and small steps to living more ecofriendly. My goal is to help people everywhere live the life they want to, to get rid of the guilt of overconsumption and processed food. It’s not hard; in fact it will simplify your life!

Keep in touch with me on Pure Bar”s Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.