Want Life-Changing Yoga? Go “Ultimate”

Many people take yoga classes the same way that they take aerobics classes or spinning classes. With the best of intentions, they schedule two to three classes per week and actually make it to only one or two because the demands of their hectic lifestyles take precedence. But those people might be shortchanging themselves, says Travis Eliot, the Ultimate Yogi.

Eliot is a master yoga trainer in Southern California and also teaches workshops nationally and internationally. His celebrity clients include Hilary Swank, Julia Stiles, and AnnaLynne McCord. Eliot directs “Holistic Yoga Flow” teacher trainings, is on the faculty of the acclaimed Kripalu Institute, and is the creator of The Ultimate Yogi DVD series and numerous other best-selling yoga DVDs.

I asked Travis about how to get more out of your yoga practice and why a comprehensive commitment is important if you want to see real transformation. WorldLifestyle: Why does a yoga practice need to be comprehensive, and what components need to be a part of the plan?

Travis Eliot: As human beings, we are incredibly complex physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual individuals. It takes a modality like yoga to address every facet of who we are.

For me, the key ingredients of a successful program are:

â–º  strong physical poses

â–º  meditation

â–º  yoga breathing

â–º  restorative yoga

â–º  diet/nutrition

â–º  lifestyle WL: Many people can only do a yoga class once or twice per week. Will that work if you are trying to change your body with yoga? How many times per week should you practice?

TE: I know a lot of students who only come to yoga class once or twice a week and they see a lot of benefits as far as getting stronger, leaner, and more flexible. Obviously, the more consistent you are, the more powerful it will be. I recommend three to five sessions a week. If you are part of my Ultimate Yogi 108-day program, you will be doing it seven days a week. WL: If your lifestyle is hectic and you can’t commit to every component of the plan, what are the most important elements to focus on?

TE: If you are short on time, then focus on a well-rounded practice that encompasses strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina along with putting good, wholesome food/liquids into the body, and that will lead to some powerful transformation! travis eliot workout

WL: You’ve said that Ultimate Yogi is not a quick fix. But many people like to see feedback so that they know that their fitness program is working. What do you say to people who need a want to see quick results?

TE: No worries, people consistently report immediate results after following The Ultimate Yogi program after even just one week. Folks start losing weight, getting stronger [and] more supple, sleep better, feel stress levels plummet, and literally start glowing. The first three days of the program are like going through a yoga boot camp. You will immediately realize that this program is no joke. WL: Is yoga a good format for people who are looking for an intense workout? Do men take your classes?

TE: A lot of men have shied away from yoga because they have this misconception that it”s sitting around and doing boring stretches. We have professional athletes, celebrities, and even MMA champions doing yoga because it”s physically very challenging. On the flip side, one of key components of the Ultimate Yogi program is yin yoga, and yin yoga is amazing because it heals the connective tissues in the body, which allows athletes to recover more quickly from the constant demands of their jobs. WL: For people who use the Ultimate Yogi Program? What happens after the 108 days?

TE: They become Ultimate on all levels! They feel the best they”ve felt their whole lives; it”s impossible not to. Also, a good side effect is that the program spills over into all other aspects of life, enhancing career, school studies, relationships, and other forms of athletics. To put it simply, people feel incredibly “balanced,” and what”s better than that?

Yogis who live in Southern California can check out Travis’s classes at Power Yoga West or Equinox in Santa Monica. But anyone can try the Ultimate Yogi program on DVD. You can also download his classes online.