The Dos and Don’ts of Keeping Your Hoo Hoo Clean

I recently had a girls night with my closest friends and we were talking about the usual stuff such as new shopping bargains we scored, work life, events happening, the guys we are dating and my favorite “girl talk” topic, sex. One girl spoke up about how she has been using a pH balanced wipe whenever her lady part has been feeling in a funk, especially after having intercourse or other sexual activity with a guy. She mentioned that they were really helping her feel better and now she carries them with her everywhere she goes.

It was so interesting to hear her talk about how her experience has been since starting to use them and so I decided to try out Healthy Hoohoo’s wipes and see for myself. When I received my package, they sent over a really charming infographic with tips of do’s and don’ts on how to keep your party down below fresh. I am so glad they informed me because some of these tips I had NO IDEA about.

DO wear 100% cotton underwear. (Oops sorry microfiber)

DON’T take bubble baths. (Noooo! I love relaxing in the tub)

DO use condoms. (Protect yourself ladies)

DON’T linger in wet swimsuits or sweaty workout clothes. (Get into something more comfy)

DO pee after having sex. (Don’t forget to do this!)

DON’T wear thongs everyday. (Get a variety of styles)

DO sleep bare to get airflow. (One of my favorite things about sleeping) blonde woman sleeping naked in bed

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DON’T douche. (Doesn’t it clean itself?)

DO wash with water or a mild cleanser. (Shaving gel won’t cut it)

DON’T put perfumed sprays down there. (It doesn’t really cover up anything anyways)

Healthy Hoohoo also mentioned that your hoo hoo is out of balance when it’s itchy, smells, painful sex and abnormal discharge. You can help alleviate being uncomfortable by using Healthy Hoohoo’s tidy up wipes that are perfect for on the go. I’ve been using them for the past two weeks and honestly feel like a new woman.

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