15 Life Hacks That Will Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight is never easy. Sure, you have the fad diets and the two-week weight loss programs, but most of them are only temporary solutions. As any good doctor will tell you, it's better to make small but lasting changes to your lifestyle instead. The simple life hacks below can make a big difference over time.

1. Eat Breakfast Every Day

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Eating breakfast has three benefits. First, it keeps you full for at least half a day, so you're less likely to overeat. Second, it gives you fuel for your exercise routine, which is an essential part of any weight-loss plan. Third, people who have a healthy breakfast tend to eat healthy in general, so don't forget to watch what you eat, too.

2. Feast on Fat-Busting Food

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Fortunately, plenty of foods go under this category. You have these 16 foods that boost your metabolism, as well as these 10 breakfast foods that burn fat. Be sure to stock up on them, and eat them regularly, for best results.

3. Watch the Calories

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You might've heard about how eating small, frequent meals helps you lose weight. Actually, counting calories is a more effective way to do the same. To make this easier, download only the best calorie counter apps for your phone. 

4. Get Moving Every Chance You Get

If you don't have time to hit the gym, incorporate exercise into your daily routine instead. Try to walk to work, take the stairs to your office and perform these sneaky exercises that won't attract unwanted attention to you.

5. Drink Lots of Water

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Like breakfast, water makes you feel full longer and keeps you from overeating. Make sure to drink it every two hours or get it from other sources such as watermelons, grapes and strawberries.

6. Snack on Fruits

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Speaking of which, fruits are a great alternative to junk food and other unhealthy snacks. Pick filling fruits such as bananas and sliced apples. You can also eat foods that fill you up without packing the pounds, such as yogurt, popcorn and eggs.

7. Get Enough Shut-Eye

Granted, sleep doesn't directly contribute to weight loss. But it does curb other factors that cause weight gain, such as hunger, low energy levels and hormonal imbalances. If you're having trouble sleeping, here are some tips that might help.

8. Track Your Progress

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If you need to do things like resizing your ring or buying a new wardrobe, that's usually a sign that your weight loss program is working. It's also a good idea to weigh yourself once a week, so you'll see whether you're shedding pounds little by little.

9. Pay for Food in Cash

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One study showed you're more likely to buy junk food if you shop with a credit card. Cash, on the other hand, sets limits on the amount you purchase, so keep those dollar bills handy whenever you're out shopping.

10. Take Time to De-Stress

Do you eat every time you're stressed? If yes, a vacation might be just the thing you need to keep those pounds away. You can also bust stress through meditating, journaling and engaging in a new hobby.

11. Change Up Your Exercise Routine

If you often procrastinate on exercising, chances are you're bored with your usual routine. Research weight loss exercises and do a different one every day. That way, you'll always be motivated to get moving, because you're always looking forward to doing something new.

12. Cut Down on Takeout Food

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Considering your busy schedule, it might be unrealistic to swear off takeout food completely. However, you'll also do your body, and your wallet, a huge favor if you can cook healthy recipes on your own.

13. Have a "Diet Buddy"

When you keep weight loss goals to yourself, you're less likely to meet them. When you're accountable to a diet buddy, you have someone to remind you to stick to your goals no matter what.

14. Reset Your Weight Loss Goals Regularly

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Once you meet your goals, it's tempting to fall back to your old habits. After all, you've already put in enough effort to lose weight, so why put in more? There's still a chance of gaining back the weight you lost, though, so draw up your goals the SMART way.

15. Make Out/Make Love

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Want to do it with your sweetheart right now? Then you'll be happy to know that having sex uses up 144 calories every 30 minutes, while making out burns a whopping 238 calories for the same period. Now that's one pleasurable way to lose weight!

If you follow these tips and aren't seeing results right away, don't worry. They're meant to help you shed pounds gradually until you're down to your ideal weight. It's not the fastest way to go about it, but it's definitely the healthiest.


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