Winterize Your Skin

Now that the days are getting colder and the holidays are approaching, we can all agree: ‘tis the season to winterize your skin.  Just because the skies are gray does not mean that your complexion has to match.  We came up with our favorite tips to keep your skin looking beautiful through the cold front:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

When it comes to winter must-dos, moisturizing your skin tops the list. Moisturizers increase the skin’s water content and prevent it from feeling and looking dry, chapped, and dull. Think of your skin as a raisin put in water — as soon as it absorbs the moisture, it plumps up and looks better. The ideal moisturizer contains epidermal growth factor to promote cell turnover, hyaluronic acid to help coat the skin with moisture, and vitamin C to protect the skin.

Nurse Jamie Tip: The best time to apply a moisturizer is right after a shower when the skin is damp and will trap moisture on the surface. 


Drink more water this winter! The human body (including the skin) is made up of anywhere between 55 to 75 percent water. Keeping it hydrated is very important to body function as well as skin health. In winter, the air is dry and tends to dehydrate the skin rapidly.

Nurse Jamie Tip: The amount of water you should drink daily is at least half your body weight in ounces. 


The dry, dull, and cracked winter appearance primarily comes from the top layer of the skin being damaged by winter’s extreme elements. To help the skin’s natural process of renewal, it is important to exfoliate every two to three days, or whatever feels best for your skin. Removing dead skin cells will help to return the glow and softness to your skin.

Nurse Jamie Tip:  If you have dry skin and feel like your skin is not absorbing your moisturizer, then you are probably not exfoliating enough. 


Studies show that you receive more UV rays in the winter than you think, so it is important to use an SPF to protect from sunburn and sun damage.

Nurse Jamie Tip:  Even on a cloudy winter day, 80 percent of UV rays reach the ground — so don’t forget your sunscreen!

Nurse Jamie is a skincare expert, aesthetic nurse, anti-aging specialist, and the beauty expert for Extra. Her Beauty Park med spa in Santa Monica, CA offers the latest and greatest in non-surgical beauty treatments and technology.